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About us

We are a family business with over 10 years of experience in selling wool products. Wool represents warmth and coziness, naturalness, and quality. These values are important to our family and are reflected in our work. We carefully select all our products to offer the best price and quality ratio to our customers. Our goal is to ensure that each customer feels not only the warmth of woolen products but also the warmth in their interactions with us, receiving excellent products and sincere service.

Durability of wool

Wool is a natural fiber with many outstanding properties. When properly cared for, woolen products are durable, retain their qualities, and are comfortable to wear. For thousands of years, people have known that wool insulates well and retains heat, making it a popular choice in textiles. Our product range includes items made in Lithuania from sheep and camel wool, such as blankets, quilts, vests, merino wool slippers, and boots. We personally select the fabrics and materials used in production, ensuring the highest quality for our products. We grow, change, and improve thanks to you. We love our customers and appreciate your feedback and the dialogue we create together.

Our Commitment to quality and service

At our core, we strive to offer not only superior wool products but also an exceptional shopping experience. Our dedication to quality means that we continuously seek out the finest materials and craftsmanship. We believe in transparency and trust, ensuring that every interaction with our customers is genuine and heartfelt. Whether you’re looking for cozy blankets or durable woolen wear, our commitment is to provide products that bring comfort and satisfaction, backed by service that makes you feel valued and understood.