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Luxurious 100% Camel Wool Blanket – Ultimate Warmth & Comfort


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Dimensions (L x W):

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Dimensions (L x W):200 x 160, 220 x 200
Material:Camel wool

Discover Ultimate Comfort with the Woolland Natural 100% Camel Wool Warm Blanket

Immerse yourself in the unparalleled luxury and warmth of the Woolland Natural 100% Camel Wool Warm Blanket. Expertly crafted from premium camel wool, this blanket seamlessly blends sophistication and utility, making it a quintessential part of your bedding set for the cold months.

Remarkable Benefits of Camel Wool Blankets

Camel wool offers several distinct advantages:

  • Hygienic: Naturally resistant to bacteria and dust mites, fostering a cleaner sleeping environment.
  • Moisture Management: Effectively absorbs and evaporates moisture, ensuring you maintain an optimal body temperature.
  • Thermoregulatory Properties: Provides excellent temperature control, suitable for autumn, winter, and spring.
  • Natural Scent: Boasts a subtle, natural fibre aroma, which can be easily aired out if necessary for those with scent sensitivities.

Natural and Long-lasting Comfort

Indulge in a genuinely natural sleeping experience:

  • Natural Comfort: Made from soft, light camel wool fibres with a unique brownish tint, topped with high-quality, cocoa-coloured Percale cotton fabric for added softness and comfort.
  • Breathable: Promotes excellent air circulation, enabling your skin to breathe and ensuring a cozy experience for the entire family during the colder seasons.
  • Antibacterial: The natural properties of camel wool prevent the growth of bacteria and dust mites, lowering allergy risks and enhancing hygiene.

Versatile and Cosy

Ideally suited for the cold weather, the Woolland Camel Wool Blanket promises unmatched comfort and sanitation. Due to its natural composition and lack of optical brighteners, it adds a distinctive advantage to your bedding assortment.

Product Features:

  • Material: 100% Camel Wool
  • Top Fabric: High-Quality Cocoa-Coloured Percale Cotton
  • Exceptional Thermoregulatory Properties
  • Breathable and Hypoallergenic
  • Environmentally Friendly and Naturally Antibacterial

Step into a realm of natural warmth and premium comfort with the Woolland Natural 100% Camel Wool Warm Blanket. Elevate your sleep quality and stay warm all through the cold season. Uncover the unique benefits of camel wool and feel the transformation today!

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