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Luxurious 100% Merino Wool Blanket – Ultimate Cozy Softness


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Dimensions (L x W):

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Dimensions (L x W):200 x 160, 220 x 200
Material:Merino wool

Unparalleled Comfort with the Natural 100% Merino Wool Blanket OAK 800 g/m

Enhance your sleeping experience with the Natural 100% Merino Wool Blanket OAK 800 g/m. Designed for those who crave exceptional quality and supreme comfort, this luxurious blanket seamlessly blends elegance, softness, and warmth. Crafted from premium Merino wool, it promises to transform your nightly routine into a serene, restful experience.

Why Choose Merino Wool?

Our Natural 100% Merino Wool Blanket is carefully made from the finest Merino wool hailing from Australia and New Zealand. Renowned for its superior quality, Merino wool provides an exceptionally soft, cozy, and warm touch. It naturally adjusts to your body temperature, ensuring you are warm without overheating, contributing to a perfect night’s sleep.

Highlighting Key Features

  • Elegance and Luxury: The Merino wool blanket is the epitome of luxury, merging sophisticated design with unparalleled softness.
  • Adaptive Comfort: This blanket seamlessly adapts to your body’s heat, delivering an optimal balance of warmth and breathability.
  • Softness Personified: Enjoy the gentle, fluffy sensation of high-quality Merino wool against your skin.
  • Natural Warmth: Experience the inherent warmth of Merino wool, providing cozy nights without feeling heavy.
  • Breathable: Merino wool’s natural breathability wicks away moisture, preventing overheating and ensuring you stay comfortably dry.

Wrap yourself in the tender warmth of the Natural 100% Merino Wool Blanket OAK 800 g/m. Ideal for draping over your shoulders or cuddling up with during sleep, this blanket offers unrivaled comfort without excess weight, making it a coveted addition to any sleep sanctuary.

Care Instructions

To maintain the long-lasting quality and luxurious feel of your Natural 100% Merino Wool Blanket OAK 800 g/m, follow these care instructions:

  • Hand wash in cold water or opt for dry cleaning.
  • Avoid using bleach or fabric softeners.
  • Lay flat to dry and reshape while still damp to retain its original size and softness.
  • For occasional freshness, let the blanket air out naturally.

Invest in the Natural 100% Merino Wool Blanket OAK 800 g/m and experience the luxurious comfort and warmth that only high-quality Merino wool can offer. Transform your sleep environment and indulge in the pinnacle of cozy luxury.

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